Ontario's premier provider of non-emergency medical transportation.

About Us

We were incorporated in 1994, and are the first personal transportation company in Ontario with the ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

We provide a concierge door to door service for people going to and from medical appointments throughout Ontario. The job is a combination of driving and customer service. We transport clients who have been involved in car accidents; it is critical drivers provide safe transportation, assist the passenger as needed and have compassion and understanding for the client. This means open doors, help with seat belts if required, if they have a walking device fold and put into the trunk. Our drivers will walk the passenger right into the doctor's office. We do not wait for the passenger, but advise dispatch who will assign another pickup.

Our clients are: Insurance companies. Medical institutions. Rehabilitation clinics. Retirement residences. Home care providers. Law firms. Government agencies. Corporations.